Blow the Man Down

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Blow the Man Down
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Blow the Man Down is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Furrante, leader of the Príncipi sen Patrena, has revealed the identity of the pirate that attacked the Watcher at sea - a captain named Benweth who has taken refuge at Fort Deadlight. The Watcher could seek vengeance by seeing Benweth fall.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Sail to Fort Deadlight.

Getting in to Fort Deadlight will require the Watcher to either:

  • Fly Principi Colors as you sail in
  • Assault the Fort directly
  • Attempt to sneak past

Locate Benweth.

Locating Benweth can be done by talking to Lamond in the Forge. He will explain that Benweth is in the higher floors of the fort, and that he's willing to open the way for you if you free his men from the brig, below the Forge.

Find a means to reach Benweth.

Benweth is in the higher floors of the fort, behind locked doors and loyal guards. The direct route is well defended. At this point, there are multiple ways to reach Benweth:

  • By freeing Lamond's men from the brig, he will mention that he intends to steal Benweth's ship hidden below Fort Deadlight in the private docks, but needs the Watcher's help clearing the way of Benweth's guards. By allowing Lamond to steal the ship, and chiming the bell three times to indicate a ship is leaving port (only Benweth's ship is docked at Fort Deadline, besides the Watcher's), Benweth will rush from his captain's quarters unaccompanied. The bells must be chimed while not in stealth mode or he will remain heavily guarded in his room. Lamond's route will be unavailable if you decide to meet Benweth in his quarters.
  • In Deadlight's Court, both Mirke and Serafen's old flame, Syri the Siren, mention that Benweth is quite the musician with the harpsichord. Mirke also mentions that Benweth has been known to play the harpsichord at Deadlight's Court during wild parties - thinking that some of Aeldys' special rum is just what the pirates need to throw a party at Deadlight's Court. The rum is being guarded on the eastern ramparts above. Prior to retrieving the rum, it is advised that the Watcher inspect the harpsichord.
  • Just above the Deadlight Court is the captain's quarters where Benweth resides. If the Watcher has the key, they can enter directly. If the Watcher doesn't have a key, slightly to the right of the captain's quarters, there is also a switch to open a hidden wall.

Confront Benweth.

Depending on the steps in reaching Benweth above, Benweth will be confronted by:

  • Once you wipe out the secret dock and head up the tower to ring the bell, Benweth will appear at the ramparts. You can kill him, or use Intimidate/Streetwise/Diplomacy to negotiate and teach him a lesson. The required levels are 6 for Intimidate, 5 for Streetwise, and 7 for Diplomacy.
  • After retrieving the rum, Mirke will suggest they still need some special stew from the cook to kick up the party's intensity. Traveling directly under the court to the kitchen, the Watcher can acquire the special strew Mirke needs. In doing so, Benweth will join the party, and begin to show off his skills on the harpsichord. If the Watcher inspected the harpsichord prior, they could have planted a bomb, causing the harpsichord to explode mid-song, killing Benweth.
  • When the bomb is not planted, Benweth may be approached. Most dialogue options lead to combat with every pirate in the room, but the Diplomacy path will reduce the number of pirates in the room and can end in a peaceful solution as well as an additional reward. Completing the quest this route can make your reputation with Príncipi sen Patrena go from 0 to 1 or 3. Agreeing to talks and ending with the option to get him to sing your praises gives you 1.
  • In the same dialogue options, there is a choice to attack. Doing so will get you the first reputation point, and an additional 2 after winning the fight, make sure to get Mirke on your side first.
  • Confronting Benweth in the captain's quarters directly will provide the Watcher a handful of dialogue options in which they can fight, intimidate, or diplomatically resolve their confrontation. Benweth will remain alive with the latter two options.
  • With either of the peaceful resolution mentioned above you're then free to loot the entire fort unimpeded, so don't worry about trying to loot everything while trying to avoid the guards, as it will be much easier later as Benweth will tell you his boys wont hassle you any further.

Report to Captain Furrante

  • Head to Dunnage and the Balefire Beacon. Furrante will congratulate you, especially if you managed to solve the problem without bloodshed or by intimidating Benweth. On the way, you will receive a missive from the Captain as well, starting Symbols of Death.