Blow the Man Down

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Blow the Man Down
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Faction quest
Quest giver
NPCs involved
Outcomes & Rewards
Kill Benweth
Spare Benweth (Streetwise or Intimidate)
Make a deal with Benweth (Diplomacy)
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Blow the Man Down is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Furrante, leader of the Príncipi sen Patrena, has revealed the identity of the pirate that attacked the Watcher at sea - a captain named Benweth who has taken refuge at Fort Deadlight. The Watcher could seek vengeance by seeing Benweth fall.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Sail to Fort Deadlight

In order to get in Fort Deadlight, you'll need to either:

  • Fly Príncipi colors as you sail in.
    • This is the standard method.
    • You need Príncipi colors which can be obtained by completing The Cornett's Call or attacking Príncipi ships.
    • Your starting point is the gate on the east side of the courtyard.
  • Attempt to sneak past.
    • You need a Spyglass to accomplish this.
    • You'll lost some time waiting for night to come.
    • You'll lose all rest bonus.
    • Your starting point is under a cliff, upon climbing (Athletics 3 or Rope and Grappling Hook), you enter the armory in the dungeon.
    • You have early access to the forge.
  • Assault the fort directly.
    • This option needs not any special tool but is actually the hardest option, your ship will be under fire while you approach and will most likely sink.
    • Even if you succeed, the entire fort will be hostile upon entry. Your only option will be killing everything in sight.
Get past the security

Benweth is at the highest point of the fort. However, the fort is riddled with guards in many areas. In order to access each area, you'll need to either sneak around, divert their attention, or simply kill them all. The bloodshed path, however, will trigger an alarm, turning the entire fort hostile, including Mirke.

The security is only in effect during this quest, it's unnecessary to get pass all of them as long as you find Benweth.

  • Gain access to the forge.
    The door to the forge is guarded by Ungwith the Craghearted.
    • Distract the guards by challenging Ruddy Feyr to a drinking contest.
    • Detour through the dungeon. The stairs to the forge is at the western part of the dungeon. To get to the stairs:
      • Unlock the door of the storage room (difficulty 5) near the center of the area. If you gained access to the forge through other means, you can get a key for this door from Lamond.
      • Go through the southern passage and find the hidden switch to open the secret door to the armory.
  • Gain access to the inner area.
    This area includes the kitchen, the secret dock and Deadlight donjon.
    • Go through the secret door in the forge. You can find the secret door by helping out Lamond, or finding it yourself.
    • Get a party started by stealing God-Killer's Rum for Mirke.
    • Sneak your way through the upper ramparts. This is quite difficult.
Find a means to reach Benweth

There are 3 main ways to reach Benweth as described below.

Lure Benweth to the western ramparts
  • Go to the forge, Lamond will talk to you the moment you step into the forge. He will ask you to free his men from the brig in exchange for showing you a secret passage to Benweth. Note that the secret passage can be found even without his help.
  • Go to the dungeon and free Lamond's men, they're locked behind bars (difficulty 5). The key can be found on a table north-east from the cell.
  • Go back to Lamond, he will show you the secret passage he promised, then suggest a plan to lure Benweth out by stealing his ship. To carry out the plan, he ask you to clear out the guards in the secret dock where Benweth's ship is.
  • Go to the secret dock via the kitchen and kill all the guards there. The guards in the secret dock will attack you on sight, but they won't trigger an alarm.
  • The stairs on the other side of the secret dock lead to the western ramparts, it also has a door that leads back to Lamond on the way.
  • Go through the stairs to the western ramparts and ring the bell. Benweth will stomp out, swearing hell at the leaving ship. You can then approach him when he's all alone.
Lure Benweth to the court
  • Go to the court and talk to Mirke. She will tell you a way to lure Benweth down.
  • Go to the eastern ramparts and steal the God-Killer's Rum. The rum is in a locked chest (difficulty 2) just a little left from the crane.
  • Go back to Mirke and give her the rum. She will ask you to get a special stew to get the party further heat up.
  • Go to the kitchen in the dungeon to get the stew. When you get to the dungeon, you'll see a bunch of guards slipping out of their post to join the party. On their way, they unlock the doors and leave them open, so you can go to the kitchen unimpeded. Talk to the chef to get the stew, she'll give it to you without any problem.
  • Before going back to Mirke, you may want to inspect the harpsichord and rig a bomb there.
  • Go back to Mirke and give her the stew. This will lure Benweth down to play the harpsichord.
  • If you had rigged the harpsichord, Benweth will blow up and die, easy peasy.
  • If you hadn't rigged the harpsichord, you can now approach Benweth.
  • Benweth, surrounded by pirates excited by the party, is ready for a fight. With Intimidate 4 or Diplomacy 4, you can clear out a few pirates from the room and start the negotiation as described below, otherwise, a fight will be unavoidable.
  • You may want to recruit Mirke before starting a fight.
  • Fun fact: Now that Benweth's partying, you can still lure him to the western ramparts as mentioned above as long as you don't talk to him. However, the opposite doesn't hold true, if his ship has been stolen, he won't be in any mood to join the party.
Stomp into the command room
  • Gain access to Deadlight donjon through any means.
  • The command room where Benweth resides is locked (difficulty 5). If you have the key, you can enter directly. If not, slightly to the right of the command room, there is also a hidden switch to open a secret door.
  • This is the best route if you want to end without any bloodshed.
Confront Benweth

Now that you've come face-to-face with Benweth, you can either kill him or negotiate with him. To negotiate, you'll need either:

After completing the quest, most of the guards will either ignore you or disappear when changing area. If you lured Benweth out and killed him, his gang in the command room will remain hostile.

Go to Furrante later to get your Cloak of Protection.

About two days after completing the quest, if you haven't gone to see Furrante yet. You'll get a letter from him when loading from any area to your ship on the world map. More than a day later, you'll similarly get a letter from Aeldys.