Black Hammer Smithery

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Black Hammer Smithery
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Black Hammer Smithery is a location in Gilded Vale.

Background[edit | edit source]

This merchant shop, run by Tuatanu, offers various general supplies as well a number of unique items. It is also the starting point for the sidequest The Smith's Shipment.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Tuatanu, the local merchant, blacksmith and armorer.

Rare & Unique Items Sold[edit | edit source]

Image Name Enhancements Price Type
Pike jenas lance icon.png Jêna's Lance 6075 cp Unique
Arbalest hold wall icon.png Hold-Wall
  • Speed: x1.2 Attack Speed
  • Reduced Crit Damage: Crits can inflict Prone, -0.3 to Crit Damage multiplier
4800 cp Unique
Stiletto backer azureiths sickle.png Azureith's Stiletto 3200 cp Unique
Shield small outworn buckler icon.png Outworn Buckler 1538 cp Unique
Ring minor deflection icon.png Minor Ring of Deflection 2325 cp Rare
Ring minor protection icon.png Minor Ring of Protection 2325 cp Rare
Belt girdle blunting icon.png Blunting Belt 1575 cp Rare
Cape withdrawal icon.png Cape of Withdrawal 825 cp Rare
Bronze horn icon.png Bronze Horn Figurine 6000 cp Unique

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Side Quest[edit | edit source]

Noteable Loot[edit | edit source]


Armor Rack:

Weapon Rack:


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