Bekarna's Folly

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Bekarna's Folly
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Bekarna's Folly is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Circle of Archmagi believes that Eothas could do unprecedented harm to the Deadfire. Research notes from the wizard Bekarna could prove useful in mitigating the damage.

Arkemyr dispatched the Watcher to her observatory, but the Circle is not the only group with an interest in Bekarna's findings. Bekarna hid something important within the orrery at the top of her research station. The device has a mechanism for entering the coordinates of stars in the night sky.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Travel to Bekarna's Observatory northeast of Neketaka.

The first level is a library with some mercenaries in it. After they're dead, search the walls for four parts of a Huana legend: The Huntress, The Panther, The Leviathan and The Kingfisher. Read them and go up a level.

On the northern platform you'll find the undead wizard Concelhaut. Afer some reminiscences, you'll probably come to blows. This is a challenging fight, and the first thing to do is to pull the enemy away from his platform with the two deadly symbols on it. Dispatch Concelhaut's lackeys first, then turn on him. He'll cast a long-duration spell reflection on himself, so be careful that your wizards don't kill themselves with their own spells. After he's destroyed, you get to keep his Iron-Clasped Grimoire, and Concelhaut's Skull as a pet.

Wait until nightfall and look through the telescope at the four constellations mentioned in the legend. Now you can unlock the orrery with the control panel at its base. Click on the lower part of the opened, glowing orb to obtain Bekarna's Research and the unique wand A Whale of a Wand.

Return to Arkemyr, who waits at the scrying pool in his manor's basement. You now have the honor of an audience with the Circle of Archmagi: Kalakoth, Maura, Minoletta, Llengrath (well, one of them), Ninagauth, and of course, Arkemyr. Unless you can pass an Insight +8 check, you'll get nothing more than barely veiled contempt, some money, and the grimoire Arkemyr's Illuminating Discoveries for your troubles as the quest concludes.

Should you feel like massacring Arkemyr after that, you can do so with no reputation loss for his Grimoire and fairly average loot. The fight with him and his constructs is on the whole less challenging than the one against Concelhaut.

Notes[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to bring Aloth as he has special dialogue including, "I could spend days studying this. I don't suppose that's the plan?" on approaching the Orrery and "If I don't survive all this, please promise to burn all my books" upon reading Bekarna's note to herself.