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Main menu of the Deadfire: Backer Beta

The Pillars of Eternity Backer Betas are pre-release versions of the games, open to backers of the game funding campaigns.

Obsidian Entertainment and the games' community use the Betas to collect feedback, thoughts and input about the games' features (and bugs), that then could be implemented into the further development.

Pillars of Eternity: Backer Beta[edit | edit source]

The Pillars of Eternity: Backer Beta went live on August 18, 2014[1][2] – about seven months before the official game's release.[3]

Access was granted to backers from the $110 tier upwards or by upgrading their pledge with an additional $25 for the "Early Access Beta Key".[4] News, discussion and feedback were shared in an official forums' subsection, especially created for the Backer Beta (now archived).

Several patches and versions followed, until "build 480" was released on March 12, 2015[5] – only two weeks before the game.

Pillars of Eternity II: Backer Beta[edit | edit source]

The Deadfire: Backer Beta was released on November 14, 2017 on Steam and GOG.[6][7] It is available to backers of the Fig game funding campaign at tiers of $99 and above or by pledging an extra $20 in the Backer Portal. Here's also where the installation instructions and key generator can be found.

News and feedback are shared – alongside platform specific forums – in the Obsidian forum community's Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (Backer Beta) board. Each month's first Thursday new features are planned to get implemented through an update.

Version history[edit | edit source]

  • The initial version from Nov 14, 2017 was v0.0.0.0004 Backer Beta Release 1.0820 BB.
  • The first update was released on Dec 21, 2018, v0.0.0.0021 Backer Beta Release 2.0886 BB. Alongside bugfixes, a new island, the complete AI system, walk toggle and Mac and Linux versions were introduced. Additionally many changes have been implemented, regarding Backers' feedback.[8]
  • On February 01, 2018 the Backer Beta Update 2 followed. Current version: ???. It focuses on the Defiant, enchanting and crafting, and adds features and bugfixes.[9]

Setting and gameplay[edit | edit source]

Beta content: The following content is from the game's Beta version and may appear not or different in the final release of the game.

The Backer Beta starts with a, compared to its predecessor, visually enhanced Character Creation. Several new features are included, e.g. the choice between "Single Class" or "Multiclass", followed by a possible Subclass. The related ability tree has a preview feature which shows possible abilities of all levels. Weapon Proficiencies have to be chosen, that grant access to additional weapon-dependent modal abilities. The color palettes for character customization have been expanded, as well as an idle "pose" feature being added.

After having created a first level Watcher, the game jumps to the piers of a Deadfire Archipelago island Tikawara, inhabited by the Huana, who are cooperating with the Vailian Trading Company. The Watcher's party – four mercenaries in addition – just has come off their ship and may now level up to 6.

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