At the Mercy of the Tribes

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At the Mercy of the Tribes
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Side quest
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Act 3
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At the Mercy of the Tribes is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.

You receive it from Cwineth in Hearthsong. She hopes to save the Dyrwoodan treasure hunting expedition she is scouting for.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Cwineth, a Dyrwoodan scout, has come to Twin Elms to find help for her friends, who are on an expedition to recover lost artifacts. Though the group hasn't been directly confronted by the Glanfathans yet, Cwineth was on patrol and discovered that local sentries have already caught scent of her expedition. Cwineth asks the Watcher to warn her mercenary companions about the impending danger while she attempts to thwart the scouting efforts of the pursing Glanfathans.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Find Cwineth in Hearthsong at the Celestial Sapling Inn (bottom right corner of the map). She wants you to warn the rest of her treasure hunters that the Fangs are coming for them. You must tell her you'll help, otherwise her companions will never appear in Northweald.
  2. Travel to Northweald. Inspect Pilgrims' Camp on the bottom left of the map.
  3. Then follow the trail along the bottom of the map. Midway, you'll meet Cwineth. She will ask you to help the rest of her expedition, as the attempts at diversion had little effect on the Fangs, who managed to corner the expedition on a small, isolated mesa.
  4. Continue following the trail to the right, eventually turning upwards where Glanfathan hunters have the mercenaries cornered. Speak with Fangs Bright Blood.
  5. Do as the Fangs ask, and kill the mercenaries and bring the captain's head. Return to the Fangs to complete the quest. You will be rewarded with your choice of money (9000 Copper pands (cp)), a Talent (Wild Running), or a Weapon (Prey Maker). Loot from the mercs: around 6000 Copper pands (cp) including an exceptional rod and an exceptional great sword. When the quest is completed in this manner Cwineth will be gone and can not be killed or looted.
  6. Alternatively, do as Cwineth asks, and save the hunting expedition, by any of the following methods:
    • Kill the Fangs hunters (loot: around 5000 Copper pands (cp), including Prey Maker).
    • Kill the beasts blocking the north exit, allowing the mercenaries to escape. If you then return to the Fangs, they will attack you on sight. (Note: You won't get attacked by the fangs if you haven't talked to the mercenaries after killing the Stelgaer). Return to Cwineth to end the quest.
      • It is possible to reach this location without first encountering any of the above parties, by travelling up the west side of the area.
    • Convince Fangs Bright Blood to accept imprisoning Esmar, the expedition's leader. This requires Twin Elms Reputation 3, or Resolve 17. When you talk to Esmar, the mercenaries' leader, select the option "I've persuaded the Fangs to let you go, but...". If you have completed your stronghold's Dungeons, you have the option of sending him there instead of to the Fangs.
  7. If you did not kill the mercenaries, return to Cwineth, on the south edge of the area, to complete the quest. You will be rewarded with your choice of money (9000 Copper pands (cp)), a Talent (Dungeon Delver), or a Weapon (Long-Feller).

There is no change in Reputation.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Some players have reported that if you do not kill the mercs, the journal may not update. If you do not return to Cwineth, the quest will not complete.
  • If you first kill the Fangs and then the mercs, too (e.g. to maximize loot), you cannot end the quest anymore.
  • If you kill Cwineth in Northweald before you talk to either group, the quest will fail, but you can still do as the Fangs want and receive their reward, just no xp.