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All Aboard
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NPCs involved
Outcomes & Rewards
Secure passage for six
Secure passage for three

All Aboard is a task in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

When you enter the Gullet, you witness what looks like an execution - a man was dragged into a cage and lowered into a deep ravine. Before he disappeared he called to a woman named Biha. You can help her - if you want.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • As you witness the execution, Botaro will call out to Biha. Following her to her hut allows you to talk to her and find out what Botaro did (Insight 2 helps to calm her down) and what can be done. It seems that Botaro, Biha, and their children were planning to flee Deadfire for Rauatai, after working on the Brass Citadel and hearing the promise of equality given by the Empire. Problem is, when Botaro went to talk to a Rauataian captain in the slums tavern, he was immediately seized by the Mataru and condemned to the Old City.
  • The Rauataian captain is named Sedūzo and remains at the slums tavern. Biha believes Sedūzo could take her and the children to Rauatai, but after what happened to Botaro, she's hesitant to approach the woman on her own. She also doesn't have any money, as Botaro was carrying it with himself. She will suggest finding him in the Old City.
  • To gain access to the Old City, talk to Overseer Hitenga - who will question your sanity upon asking for access, but will agree if you convince him with Copper pands (cp)500, History 3; that you want to explore Neketaka's rich history, or with Survival 5; that you can look after yourself. Botaro's body is located a short distance away from the cage drop-off point, savaged by claws and fangs. After dealing with the Dargul's in the area, you can interact with the soul to realize that Botaro was actually a pawn used by Dereo the Lean operating out of the Delver's Den through the Narrows and Botaro was supposed to meet a woman for a package at the adra mill in Queen's Berth - but instead tried to buy himself passage, hiding the money in rubble near the tavern. If you have Xoti in your party, she will harvest Botaro's soul to advance The Lantern of Gaun.
  • At this point you can grab the Copper pands (cp)600 from a hidden stash just outside the tavern. Although Biha will refuse to take the coin out of fear of suspicion, offering it will get you Minor Positive Reputation with The Gullet. Additionally, letting Biha know of Botaro's fate will net you further minor rep. Later on, you can also offer to return the coin to Dereo the Lean - though he also will refuse - which will get you Minor Positive Reputation with Delver's Row Criminals
  • The captain will explain that Botaro threatened her after trying to buy passage with suonelets, marked coins that represent tokens of allegiance among the Principi. She believed that she was dealing with a pirate, so she called for the guards. However, slums are an odd place for a trader...
    • You can use Streetwise 4 to accuse her of dealing illegally, Insight 3 to point out that the RDC likely doesn't know of her presence, and History 2 to ask why doesn't she operate out of the Brass Citadel. Then you can intimidate her that you will sell her out, unless she takes Biha and her children on board. That will secure passage for three.
    • Alternatively, you can be respectful, and tell her that "...they have little here, Think of how they could benefit from Rauataian culture".
  • To secure passage for all six, you'll need to deal with Orron on the upper floor - and only if you decided to pay for the berths. However if you've already blackmailed the captain into taking three people, and have Intellect 14 or higher, you can play on Orron's love of symmetry and get him to change to another ship, allowing Biha to take all the children. Otherwise, you can pay Copper pands (cp)1,200 (or Copper pands (cp)1,000 with Diplomacy 5) to make up for the inconvenience.
  • Return to Biha. She will be exhilarated if you manage to secure passage for all six, otherwise, she will be forced to make a hard decision. You can suggest that she leave for Rauatai with the infants, send the older ones, or allow her to make the decision. With Aloth in the party, allowing her to make the decision will gain positive reputation with Aloth (Autonomy).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Botaro being lowered into the abyss.