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Pillars of adra can be seen in the background, growing through the ground in front of Cilant Lis.
A massive sculpture of Berath created by Engwithans at Cliaban Rilag, example of their skill and the malleability of the material.

Adra is a unique material found across Eora.

Properties[edit | edit source]

An organic material crystalline in structure but shell-like in substance, adra can be found growing up through the ground in veins in many parts of Eora. Easy to carve and manipulate, it is a favorite of jewelers as a semiprecious stone, and is often cut more intricately and beautifully than other gems.[1]

Engwithans were masters of cultivating and shaping adra. In fact, their cities used it as a core element of their architecture, mixing it with layered stone, while craftsmen used it for a staggering amount of purposes, including armor smithing, transferring souls to animats, decoration, and more.[2] Abydon, the god of smithing created by the Engwithans, also leverage the properties of adra in creating the White Forge. Its soul-channeling properties were later leveraged by the Pargrunen dwarves in the creation of Durgan steel.[3]

In modern times, Adra remains a popular choice among craftsmen for its malleability and among animancy practicioners for its soul-related properties. Glanfathans even use adra bordered with copper as a unique form of currency, called adra eniach.

Examples of use[edit | edit source]

Name Materials used Type
Adra mixed with copper Plate armor
Adra, bronze, copper Morning star
Adra and copper Currency

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