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Disambig.png This article is about achievements in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. For achievements in Pillars of Eternity, see Achievements.

You can get Achievements by fulfilling certain criteria throughout playing Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - some which are a good deal harder to attain than others. Note that if you enable the console command, achievements will be disabled for that game. Gaining an achievement will grant you a number of points that you can use to grant Berath's Blessings in a new game. There are 105 points with all DLC.

List of achievements[edit | edit source]

Image Achievement Description Points Type Notes Game
Deadfire-achievement-icon-full-complement.jpg Full Complement Assign a crew member to all slots on a single ship. 2 Ships Simply fill all free slots. Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-constellation-prize.jpg Constellation Prize Complete the "Bekarna's Folly" quest. 3 Side quests Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-conduct-unbecoming.jpg Conduct Unbecoming Complete the "Blow the Man Down" quest. 2 Side quests Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-decked-out.jpg Decked Out Attach each type of upgrade on a single ship. 2 Ships Fill all upgrade slots Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-a-sound-investment.jpg Ship's Carpenter Attach your first ship upgrade. 2 Ships You are able to simply remove and re-add one of the existing upgrades. Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-a-sailors-life.jpg A Sailor's Life Repair your ship and prepare to sail the seas. 2 Main quests Complete the quest Stranded. Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-establishing-a-link.jpg Establishing a Link
Hidden achievement
Establish a link with Eothas to track his movements.
2 Hidden
Hidden achievement
Complete the quest A Distant LightVerify
Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-explosive-confrontation.jpg Explosive Confrontation
Hidden achievement
Confront Eothas in Magran's Teeth.
2 Hidden Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-the-end-of-the-beginning.jpg The End of the Beginning
Hidden achievement
Confront Eothas in Ukaizo.
3 Hidden Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-making-waves.jpg Making Waves Complete the Huana faction questline. 3 Faction quests Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-gold-greed-and-guts.jpg Gold, Greed, and Guts Complete the Príncipi faction questline. 3 Faction quests Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-hostile-takeover.jpg Hostile Takeover Complete the Royal Deadfire Company faction questline. 3 Faction quests Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-a-brighter-world.jpg A Brighter World Complete the Vailian Trading Company faction questline. 3 Faction quests Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-explosives-expert.jpg Explosives Expert Create five or more different bombs. 1 Crafting Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-alchemist.jpg Alchemist Create five or more different potions. 1 Crafting Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-scribe.jpg Scribe Create three or more different spell scrolls. 2 Crafting Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-enchanter.jpg Enchanter Enchant five items. 2 Crafting Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-a-fleet-to-call-my-own.jpg A Fleet to Call My Own Acquire each type of ship in the game. 3 Ships Buy all ships from the shipyard in Neketaka. Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-sailors-tale.jpg Sailor's Tales Acquired first Captain rank. 2 Ships Gained after completing a few ship battles. Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-max-level.jpg Max Level Reach level twenty with the player character 3 Gameplay Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-infamous-captain.jpg Infamous Captain Survive an attack from a mutinous crew. 2 Ships Simply drop your crew morale to 0, then take the aggressive option when approached by the crew while at sea. Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-bounty-hunter.jpg Bounty Hunter Finish 15 Bounties. 3 Side quests Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-dragonbane.jpg Dragonbane
Hidden achievement
Deal with two Dragon dilemmas.
3 Hidden Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-molded-to-perfection.jpg Molded to Perfection Create an adventurer at an Adventurer's Hall. 1 Gameplay Create a generic companion at any major inn/tavern. Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-old-salt.jpg Old Salt Acquired Master Captain rank. 2 Ships Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-steadfast-ally.jpg Steadfast Ally Maximize positive relationship with a Companion. 2 Companions Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-burning-bridges.jpg Burning Bridges Maximize negative relationship with a Companion. 2 Companions Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-explorer.jpg Explorer Name all of the Uncharted Islands. 3 Exploration Visit every location on all uncharted islands. Completing Sanza's "Mapping the Archipelago" questline will take you to every uncharted island. Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-making-your-mark.jpg Making your Mark Name your first Uncharted Island. 2 Exploration Name any one of the uncharted islands. Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-new-gods-of-deadfire.jpg New Gods of Deadfire Complete "Nemnok the Devourer" quest. 2 Side quests Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-trapper.jpg Trapper Place five traps. 1 Crafting Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-heart-of-the-deadfire.jpg Heart of the Deadfire Reach Neketaka. 1 Exploration Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-gathering-the-party.jpg Gathering the Party Recruited all Companions. 2 Companions Recruit Edér, Xoti, Aloth, Serafen, Tekēhu, Pallegina, and Maia. Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-recruiter.jpg Recruiter Recruit all Sidekicks. 2 Companions Recruit Mirke, Konstanten, Fassina, Ydwin, Rekke, and Vatnir (only required if you have Beast of Winter installed.) Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-any-port-in-a-storm.jpg Any Port in a Storm Sail to all major ports in the Deadfire. 2 Exploration Visit Port Maje Harbor, Neketaka, Dunnage, Tikawara, Crookspur, and Sayuka. Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-dead-reckoning.jpg Paradise of the Mind Complete the "A Paradise of the Mind" quest. 2 Side quests Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icon-soulbinder.jpg Soulbinder Unlock all powers of a Soulbound item. 2 Gameplay Poe2 game icon (extracted).png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-bow-traveler-of-the-void.jpg Traveler of the Void
Hidden achievement
Decide the fate of Inquisitor Naxiva, St. Waidwen, and King Wingauro o Watūri I.
2 Hidden Bow game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-bow-following-certain-death.jpg Following Certain Death
Hidden achievement
Enter the Beyond.
1 Hidden Bow game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-bow-null-and-void.jpg Null and Void
Hidden achievement
Escape the White Void.
3 Hidden Bow game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-bow-well-that-was-easy.jpg Well that was Easy... Defeat the Messenger. 1 Beast of Winter Bow game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-bow-this-time-with-feeling.jpg This Time with Feeling
Hidden achievement
Defeat Neriscyrlas.
2 Hidden Bow game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-sss-you-are-the-champion.jpg You are the Champion
Hidden achievement
Become crowned the Champion of the Hunt.
2 Hidden Sss game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-sss-the-watchers-debut.jpg The Watcher's Debut Earn the title of contender in the Crucible. 1 Seeker, Slayer, Survivor Sss game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-sss-archivist-of-kazuwari.jpg Archivist of Kazuwari
Hidden achievement
Collect all of the Artifacts of the Crucible.
1 Hidden Sss game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-sss-the-greatest-opponent.jpg The Greatest Opponent
Hidden achievement
Confront the porokoa.
2 Hidden Sss game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-sss-opener-of-the-way.jpg Opener of the Way
Hidden achievement
Repair the flow of souls to the Beyond.
1 Hidden Sss game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-sss-facing-the-faces.jpg Facing the Faces
Hidden achievement
Become the chosen of the Seeker, Slayer, or Survivor.
1 Hidden Sss game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-tfs-one-of-them.jpg One of Them
Hidden achievement
Obtain all of Weyc Heldr's items.
1 Hidden Tfs game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-tfs-no-card-required.jpg No Card Required Complete the Archives wing of the Halls Obscured. 1 The Forgotten Sanctum Tfs game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-tfs-a-day-at-the-zoo.jpg A Day at the Zoo Complete the Collections wing of the Halls Obscured. 1 The Forgotten Sanctum Tfs game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-tfs-cruelty-to-animals.jpg Cruelty to Animals Create a pet using the Critter Cleaver. 1 The Forgotten Sanctum Tfs game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-tfs-perfect-vision.jpg Perfect Vision
Hidden achievement
Confront the Oracle of Wael in the Heart of Mystery.
2 Hidden Tfs game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-tfs-an-incredible-smell.jpg An Incredible Smell
Hidden achievement
Discover the Secrets of Imp Spray.
1 Hidden
Hidden achievement
Craft an Essence of Imp Spray potion.
Tfs game icon.png
Deadfire-achievement-icons-tfs-rescuer-down-under.jpg Rescuer Down Under
Hidden achievement
Open all of the cages in the Collections.
1 Hidden Tfs game icon.png