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  • The Iron Arm
  • The Golem
  • The Smith of Magran
  • Industry
  • Machines
  • Golems
  • Smiths
  • Skilled Trades
  • Apprenticeship
  • Strength
  • Mining and metals
  • Hope
  • Aspiration
  • A circular toothed gear, with a hammer imposed on top.

Abydon is the god of crafting and the forge and patron of the Knights of the Crucible. Followers of Abydon should work hard, value the work of others and teach students their craft.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Abydon was one of the gods created by the Engwithans, devoted to duty, preservation, progress, and industry. Although the gods made the decision to not interfere with the progress of kith civilization, he and the others recognized the need to eliminate the Engwithan civilizations as a matter of self-preservation. Devoted to a fault, Abydon opposed Ondra's plan to destroy it by way of Ionni Brath and forged a special hammer in the White Forge in what would eventually become the White March. Channeling all his strength, he threw the hammer against the moon, shattering it and causing most of the fragments to land harmlessly in the ocean. However, the biggest fragment remained on course and the god, for want of a better of option, threw himself in his way, protecting the land. The moon fragment hit him square in the face, pulverizing it and leaving his corpse to decay in the remote mountains of the White March. The ever-sorrowful Ondra decided to honor his memory by erecting the Abbey of the Fallen Moon around his body, hiding it in plain sight.[2]

She also made him forget all the memories that could make him remember his death and shatter the fragile peace between the gods. She took away his tools, the Eyeless, adopting them as her own, and swore off all contact with the god of smithing to maintain the secret. Abydon continued his labor using a new body of metal he created for himself, also creating one of the most enduring images of himself in kith culture. However, the losses sustained due to the moon's impact were severe - he lost his will to preserve as well as the aforementioned memories. The Eyeless remained, each with a shard of their maker's soul, able to restore him, but prevented from doing so by Ondra's machinations.

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