A Return to Court

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A Return to Court
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Side quest
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4500xp Party
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A Call to Court

A Return to Court is a quest in Pillars of Eternity, added as of the 3.0 patch.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Another messenger from the ducal palace has arrived in Caed Nua. Chancellor Warrin said he'd send another messenger if anything new regarding the disputed ownership of Caed Nua came up. The Watcher is invited to attend a meeting at The Charred Barrel.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Some time after you completed A Call to Court, you will be notified of another messenger in your stronghold. Talk to him in the Great Hall. The messenger seems nervous (Perception check), as he tells you to meet Chancellor Warrin again, this time in a less official venue.
  • Go to The Charred Barrel in Brackenbury and talk to Chancellor Warrin, who is standing by the stage. If asked why he summoned you he will act surprised, saying that he received a missive from you asking for a meeting at the Charred Barrel. Suddenly, the entire tavern goes quiet and the patrons disappear through the front door. Moments later, Captain Emery enters, flanked by several goons. Turns out the meeting is an ambush set by Lord Gathbin. The Chancellor wisely takes cover behind a table.
  • You can either fight them, or talk your way out of it. If you have Cruel of 3 or higher or Benevolent, you can sway her to your cause. She will then switch sides and betray Gathbin in The Battle of Yenwood Field. A 2500 Copper pands (cp) bribe can also get her to walk away.
    • It is worth noting that if you cannot sway Emery, you will have to fight her in battle later anyways, in which case it is easier to deal with her now.
  • Chancellor Warrin will explain that he has heard of strange reports concerning Lord Gathbin's activities in The Grasp, such as hiring a large number of men for an unknown purpose. He recommends caution and keeping a close eye on the keep.
  • Return To Caed Nua where you will find a mob gathered in front of the castle, who claim that your men have been harassing them. Once the matter is cleared up, you can pay them some compensation in return for a stronghold Prestige bonus:

An Uprising at Caed Nua.png

Pay them Prestige bonus
1000 Copper pands (cp) [Benevolent] +3
500 Copper pands (cp) [Benevolent] +2
100 Copper pands (cp) [Benevolent] +1
nothing none

Journal[edit | edit source]

Note: if your original game was started prior to the current game version (upgraded to version 3), this quest might not appear in your journal. It still works as described, however.

Note²: I didn't get the quest in my journal and it didn't have anything to do with my game version. What happened was that I was in Caed Nua at the time the messenger arrived. You need to be OUTSIDE the keep when you get the "messenger from palace arrived" pop up. Then you go to your keep and only then the quest will appear in your journal. So just reload an older save and the quest will trigger as normal.

ID End Description
10000 Another messenger from the ducal palace has arrived in Caed Nua. Chancellor Warrin said he'd send another messenger if anything new regarding my disputed ownership of Caed Nua came up.
1 Speak to the palace messenger at Caed Nua.
10001 Chancellor Warrins seems to have sent another messenger from the ducal palace in Defiance Bay. The messenger is awaiting me in the Great Hall.
2 Meet Chancellor Warrin at the Charred Barrel in Brackenbury.
10002 Chancellor Warrin has requested another meeting with me. This time, he wants to speak with me at the Charred Barrel in the Brackenbury District of Defiance Bay.
3 Defeat Emery.
10002 The meeting with Chancellor Warrin was a trap laid by Lord Gathin. He sent a group of his men-at-arms, led by Captain Emery, to assassinate me. Obviously, that's not going to happen.
6 Return to Caed Nua.
10006 The false meeting with Chancellor Warrin and the attack by Captain Emery were both distractions to keep me away from Caed Nua for a time. I need to return there to find out what's been going on in my absence.
7 Speak to the mob in front of your Great Hall at Caed Nua.
10007 A mob of common folk have gathered in front of the Great Hall of Caed Nua. They seem incredibly angry about something - Lord Gathbin's doing, no doubt.
8 Meet Marshal Forwyn at your Great Hall in Caed Nua.
10008 Marshal Forwyn says he has news about Lord Gathbin's activities. He wishes to speak with me in my Great Hall at Caed Nua.
30000 Lord Gathbin hasn't given up on taking Caed Nua from me. He's tried to have me killed, stirred up trouble in the land around Caed Nua, and now he's raising an army against me.