A Paradise of the Mind

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A Paradise of the Mind
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Side quest
Quest giver
Outcomes & Rewards
Kill Menzzago

A Paradise of the Mind is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

While exploring Splintered Reef, I came across a tavern filled with vessels, going about their lives as if nothing were amiss. Inside I met a Dargul by the name of Copperhead. He claims there's something strange going on. Judging by the fact that no one seems to have noticed that they are rotting corpses consuming the flesh of living kith, he's probably right.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Head to The Pickled Eel and talk to Copperhead. He will ask you to meet him at the boathouse he uses as his home and talk to him there. He will reveal that the entire town is living under some sort of illusion, generated from the keep at the heart of the island, which used to belong to Lucia Rivan.
  • You'll need to reach Menzzago on the Glowing Outcrop. Pass through the Sea-Lashed Crypt and the great doors using two vials of fampyr blood, then confront Menzzago. You can kill him outright or try to negotiate a peaceful conclusion. You'll need Diplomacy 8, Survival 8, Insight 8, or a Goldpact background in order to make a case. He will eventually demand a token of good faith, in the form of a luminous adra potion. Not providing it will cause him to attack.
  • Either way, return to Copperhead after smashing the orb, as he asked. Or bask in the glory of having made a pact with the devil.
  • For those experiencing difficulty with the fight, since it has many difficult opponents, one can enter stealth with their party (even with low skill) and approach from the east, staying tight against the wall. When the conversation begins, the party can feasibly be directly beside Menzzago. This gives an opportunity to face him directly, divides the Fampyr's to each side of him, and avoids having to fight the Algul's that come up the south wall.
  • Furthermore, if the player possesses Scorching Venom, they can use this during the negotiation process leading up to the Luminous Adra Potion, and feed him this instead. Menzzago will begin the fight with the Sickened affliction.