A Lovely Drop

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A Lovely Drop [WM1]
PX1 A Lovely Drop.png
That's... Excessive.
Side quest
Quest giver
NPCs involved
Outcomes & Rewards
Tattle on Reyfald
  • 200 Copper pands (cp)
Deliver the liquor and fix the antidote
Shame. Embarrassment. Desperation. Physical impairment. I must inquire about this recipe.
~ Zahua

A Lovely Drop is a quest in Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part I.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Reyfald, the clerk at the local fishery in Stalwart, claims that Haeferic has a store of expensive spirits at the inn, tucked away somewhere in the cellar. Reyfald offers the Watcher a reward in exchange for finding a bottle for him.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • This is a quest that can be over quickly or take a bit of time to solve. For the former, simply tell Haeferic that Reyfald is after his liquor, which will net a quest failure and 200 cp.
  • Otherwise , you will need to go to The Gréf's Rest. If you saved Keydy, she can be persuaded to disarm the outermost trap. Otherwise, head below and face the trap gauntlet set up by Haeferic to discourage those wishing to pilfer his stock. The chest is in the northeastern corner, surrounded by six floor traps, with a seventh on the container itself. The two to the lower right are level 8, the rest level 5 (except for the one right next to the chest, which is level 4). The chest is also level 5. However, the prize lies on the racks in the middle: Fennlan Liquor.
  • Deliver the bottle to Reyfald. It backfires, as expected. Reyfald's face goes numb and he can't feel a thing, so he begs you to ask Haeferic about a cure. The innkeeper has a hearty laugh about the whole thing and tells you to find a river reed and one ice troll heart to cure Reyfald's condition. Both of these can be found in Russetwood.
  • Simply deliver the bubbling antidote to Reyfald to complete the quest.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Only ice trolls in Russetwood drop the required heart. One will appear in the North-East corner of the map once you have advanced to the point in the quest where the heart is required.