A Dance with Death

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A Dance with Death
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Faction quest
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Claim the Floating Hangman
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A Dance with Death is a faction quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The only way to Ukaizo for the Principi starts by gaining command of Lucia Rivan's Floating Hangman. With the Engoliero do Espirs the Watcher is supposed to sail to sea and draw the undead Darcozzi paladin. Lucia Rivan became a Death Guard because of her undying devotion to an oath she took to protect the Engoliero do Espirs. Aeldys discovered that speaking the dying oath of the Darccozi while wielding the sword activates an aura which acts as a beacon for Rivan.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Talk to whoever won the power struggle to become pirate leader in Honor Among Thieves. Your job is now to steal a ghost ship - the Floating Hangman, more properly named the Fonferrus - in order to be able to sail it to Ukaizo. The only way to draw Rivan out into the open is by speaking the Darcozzi oath before her old sword, Engoliero do Espirs. The sword is currently guarded by Yseyr the Berathian in the Hanging Sepulchers beneath the Sacred Stair in Neketaka. To take it peacefully, you need to be a death godlike, have Perception 20, Religion 8 or you can simply pick pocket it from him, even if he is encountered earlier/before the quest (it will be a Quest item only at that point).

Sail away from Dunnage, stand on your ship's deck, right-click on the Engoliero do Espirs quest item, and select "Speak the Oath". You are promptly boarded by Lucia Rivan and her undead horde. Unless you are able to pass a Diplomacy +17, Bluff +16 or Metaphysics +15 check, you'll have to smash her and her crew to bits to seize her ship. (If you just hand over the sword, the quest fails unceremoniously.)

Return to Dunnage to speak with the pirate leader to complete the quest and seal your alliance with the pirates. This will cause all other faction alliance quests to fail. You can also just keep your spooky new ship - it's a galleon in terms of mechanics - and look for other allies.

Note: If you plan to do things peacefully with Lucia Rivan, change your ship with the Dyrwoodan Sloop before you do the oath. She'd be pissed with you, but she'll take the sloop anyway for the sake of getting back her sword. You will get the Floating Hangman in the end, and you'll be satisfied in doing so.